The first references of my artistic training have highly academic connotations, and the subjects are drawn from mythological themes and landscapes. The works of this period recall the experience of the great masters of the past, from Michelangelo to Bernini, from Velazquez to Caravaggio, from Corot toConstable, but surely the author to whom I feel closer at this stage of my painting is Rembrandt for the conception of the relationship between light, space, shape and color.

My research is aimed at deepening the process by which light, blending with the color, determines the nature of the figures highlighting a vibrant vitality made ​​of glistens, dissolution of matter, of harmonious color combinations that prelude to an atmosphere of mysterious contemplation.

With my work I try to interpret an everyday world entering even in the most mundane aspects of reality a streak of symbolism and poetry, as in the case of "olive trees" and "bread".


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